Module: Product and Process Engineering
Thermodynamic Modelling of Chemical ProcessesEN4.51
Analysis of Transport PhenomenaSP4.51
Dynamic Simulation of Chemical ProcessesEN4.51
Optimization of Chemical ProcessesEN4.51
Safety, Health and Environment SP6.01
Chemical Product EngineeringSP4.52
Reaction Process DesignEN6.02
Mass Transfer Process DesignSP6.02
Chemical Process Analysis with SimulatorsEN4.52
Module: Management and Optimization of Production and Sustainability
Production ManagementSP4.52
Business ManagementEN4.52
Sustainability and ExcellenceEN6.01
Module: Elective (select 18 ECTS)
Bioproducts Engineering and Bioenergy6.03
Protein Engineering and Fermentation Processes6.03
Chemical Process Strategy 6.03
Chemical Process Intensification6.03
Advanced Process Control6.03
Computing Applied to Process Industry6.03
Innovation ProjectEN/SP12.03
Module: Master Thesis
Master ThesisEN/SP12.03